You're Fired

When to FIRE your website

You’re fired!

TV makes it sound fun, but firing an employee is one of the hardest decisions any business owner can make.

We often agonize for weeks over whether it’s the right thing to do.

It’s always easier to just keep going with who you have, even when you know their results aren’t great or their personality isn’t a good fit, than risk making a change with uncertain results.

But here’s a question that can clarify the situation: if the position were open, would you hire them again?

If not, it’s probably time to move on.

Your website is like one of your employees.

It should be a rainmaker.

But even when it’s not getting the best results, it’s tough to know when to make a change or spend the money on a new one.

Such a hassle.

But would you keep a salesperson who isn’t making sales, shows up late to meetings, and makes inappropriate jokes just because he’s been around a while and you’ve paid him a lot of money?

No! That’s a good reason to demand more.

For your website, you want to look at how many leads and sales you are getting from it.

The key statistic to check is your conversion rate, which is the percentage of people who submit a form or call after visiting the site.

Over 3% is decent, but shoot for 5-10%.

If you have a good conversation rate but not many visitors, you don’t need a new site, you just need to do some marketing so more people can see it.

But if your conversion rate is low, you are losing leads every time people visit.

You need a new site.

Fire the lazy, unproductive old one.

I know it’s tough, and it will cost some money.

But your current one is costing you more in lost sales.

Just think how much even one new patient a month would make you over the year.

Remember, the question isn’t whether your site is good enough to put up with the lackluster performance, chronic tardiness, and personal hijinks.

The question is: if you were starting over, would you choose the same one?

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