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Create an About page that sells

What should your About page be about?

Your clinic, right?

Your team.

How experienced you are.

How you are trained in 27 different back pain modalities.

How many golden retriever puppies you’ve rescued in your free time.



That stuff is fascinating, and it can have a place on your site, but it won’t get you a single lead.

Did you choose your last doctor based on where they went to school?

Me neither.

The funny thing is that your About page should be less about you and more about your patients.

How you understand their struggles.

How you’ve seen their problems.

How you’ve helped other people like them overcome the same thing.

How they can expect to feel after they work with you.

The best About pages put the patient up front.

And that’s important, because the About page is typically the 2nd most visited page on a site.

You can’t afford to waste it on a flattering bio.  

It needs to sell.

Your patients want to be heard and understood.

To be confident in your ability to help them.

To feel comfortable coming to your office.

Don’t hand them a resume and expect them to be impressed.

This may be your last thing they see before hitting the back button and heading to your competitor’s site.

If you could only tell them one thing about yourself to get them to come see you, what would you say?

That’s what you’re About.

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