Physical Therapy Website Success Unveiled: Proven Strategies from PT Website Secrets

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Use your website to get more patients and build a Physical Therapy practice that puts YOU in control of your business, family time, and life.

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Want to find 5-10 new patients every week without spending all your time chasing referrals, networking, or posting on social media?

Reach your perfect patients 24/7, because your website should be your hardest-working employee!

The PTWS System

Step 1: Target Your Patients

Your practice is unique and so are your patients. Don’t waste time and money chasing after the wrong people. We help you identify your perfect patient and craft a message that speaks directly to their problems and desires.

Step 2: Build Your Platform

If your website can’t convert prospects into patients, it doesn’t matter how many people visit. You need a solid platform for all your marketing efforts. We build you a custom website that actually gets results: more patients, more money, more success.

Step 3: Rocket Your Growth

Ready for even more patients? We’ll help you manage your entire online presence, from free blogs to Google My Business pages to social media. With our organic SEO package, local patients will see you first on search and on the map. Drive more patients to your website quickly with Google Ads. Watch your business take off!

What People Say

Before, I was stuck working as a contractor and unable to grow my location efficiently and effectively. Now, I’m 100% on my own, have my own PT Website Secrets website, am making more money, and am now able to spend the time needed to develop the business. I’m excited to finally get my practice where I want it to be!
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Jamie So
Owner Of a Cash-Based PT Clinic
Website is up and running beautifully (thanks PTWebsite secrets!)... 5 new patients scheduled this week... up to 20 patients per week, 2 months in, solo PT!!!
Zuzana Rogers
Zuzana Rogers
I am 100% cash PT and was able to generate $10K of business in the first 7 days of the year. This was only possible because of the amazing website created through the PT Website Secrets System. My first practice was so successful, I've now been able to start a 2nd practice in my field of passion - Animal Therapy!
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Josh Hall
Owner Of Two Cash-Based PT Clinics & 2 PTWS Websites (one for humans and one for animals!)
So website went live 7:30am. At 2:05pm I had my first call from the website asking for a Discovery Visit. Best part is that 1) he has chronic back pain for years, tried everything and failed and saw the MD today who told him he needs to see someone who specializes in sciatica (my USP ). ... 2) I had Hotjar installed before I went live, so when the guy told me he found me through Google and went to my website I jumped on Hotjar and watched a video of his clicks and scrolls (I could see he logged in at 2:03pm) and saw exactly what he was looking at and exactly where he converted. He is scheduled for a DV tomorrow!
Allen Eshmoili
Owner Of a Cash-Based PT Clinic
Before working with PTWS, I was stressed and relying on doctor referrals and weekend events to get new patients. My old website was more or less an online brochure. My new PT Website Secrets website is an active, integrated, lead-generating machine! It gets us new patients each week!
paul jones
Paul Jones
Multi-Location Insurance-Based Clinic
I'm sitting in the doctor's office b/c I'm sick, and while I'm waiting, I get a request for Availability & Cost AND a Discovery Visit Request! How cool is that?
Screenshot 2023 09 13 at 17.30.18
Josh Hall
Owner Of Two Cash-Based PT Clinics & 2 PTWS Websites (one for humans and one for animals!)
Our Services

Patients On Demand: Converting Clicks to Appointments

Your online presence isn’t just about visibility—it’s a strategic avenue for generating leads, driving conversions, and amplifying revenue.

The Patients On Demand approach captures the attention of potential patients, guiding them from initial curiosity to booking an appointment.

Explore the tools and strategies at your disposal to turn every click, visit, and online engagement into a growth opportunity for your clinic.

Your website is more than a digital address; it’s the foundation and landing site of all your marketing efforts.  This is where most new patients will first meet you.  It’s essential to do it right.

  • Personal Attention: A site that reflects the mission of your practice and speaks to the patients you serve
  • Lead Generation: Designed to get you more patients
  • Built for SEO: Optimized from the start so it’s easy for your audience to find you
  • CRM Included: Organize all your leads and customers, automate your marketing and new patient workflows, and even use AI to set your appointments with Lead Lounge, our HIPAA-compliant CRM, included at no extra cost
  • First-Class Support: Our team will help your site grow along with your business.  Advanced analytics ensure it’s always maximizing your potential.  Never worry about downtime, security threats, or upgrades.

Unlock the Power of Digital Visibility

Put your practice at the top of the list when patients search for your services.  That means more visitors for your website and more patients for your practice.

  • Outrank Your Competition: Dominate your local market by homing in on the keywords the ideal patients in your area are actually searching for
  • Put Your Business on the Map: Your Google My Business page is a powerful tool to reach your community.  We help your practice stand out on the map with regular content, updates, and reviews.
  • Never Stop Improving: In the competitive online world, it’s a struggle to stay ahead.  We continuously monitor your rank and make the improvements to keep you on top.


Give Your Marketing an Instant Boost

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads are one of the most effective ways to drive visitors to your site quickly.  Put your practice in front of your ideal patients and start booking appointments today.

  • Google-Certified Team:  As a practice owner, you wear enough hats.  Let our Google-certified team design, configure, and maintain everything for you.
  • ClickShield Protection: You shouldn’t have to pay for spam or bots that aren’t generating new patients.  With ClickShield, we actively monitor and eliminate the scams so you can be confident you’re getting the best return for your ad dollars.
  • You Control the Budget: Your business needs can change on a dime.  Spend as much or as little as you need each month for a low, flat fee.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: While we’ve listed a comprehensive suite of services, we understand that every clinic has unique challenges and requirements. If there’s something specific you’re looking for that isn’t mentioned, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • Versatile Expertise: Our team boasts a diverse skill set, and we’re confident in our ability to cater to any digital marketing or online presence need you might have.

  • Consultation & Strategy: Not sure what you need? Schedule a consultation with our experts. We’ll assess your current online presence, understand your goals, and recommend bespoke solutions tailored to your clinic.

  • Your Success, Our Priority: We’re committed to ensuring your clinic thrives in the digital age.

    If there’s a service or solution you require, we’re here to make it happen.

Who Are We

Founded by a PT practice owner, we understand the unique pressures and challenges faced by Physical Therapists who run their own business.

  • You have the knowledge and skills to solve your patients’ problems and transform their lives, but many people don’t know what PTs can do
  • You need a constant supply of new patients filling your schedule, but you can’t solely rely on doctor referrals, insurance networks, or gigantic marketing budgets like the big guys
  • You must reach your patients directly, and the internet is where they are looking for answers, but how will they find your clinic and understand how you can help them amidst the online noise?

That’s why we created the original PT Website Secrets system. More than just a traditional website, it’s a platform designed specifically for PTs and proven to work, for our own practice and hundreds of others! We help you create a personalized message that speaks exactly to your perfect patients, the ones willing to spend top dollar for your services. That’s the secret to getting you 5x more leads than those generic web agencies.

From that solid platform, we build you a marketing program that will launch your business to the next level. Your program will automatically drive visitors to your website and convert them into paying patients at any time of day, while you are working, taking your kids to sports practice, or even sleeping!

No more worrying about when your phone is going to ring or when the next patient will walk through your door.

We’ll handle your online marketing so you can focus on running your growing practice and improving lives in your community.

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