AI Trap

Don’t Fall for the AI Trap!

AI is revolutionary!

AI is the future!

If you don’t get on board NOW, you’re going to be left behind forever!

Sound familiar?

Chances are your inbox is flooded with companies telling you to get onboard with their revolutionary AI-based services.

I bet they used AI to write the emails.

No wonder they all sound the same.

But you know who isn’t telling you to get on the AI bandwagon?


They are telling you to jump OFF as quickly as possible.

They just changed their algorithm to reduce the spread of AI-generated content.

Of course your marketing agency wants you to use their AI content.

It saves them a ton of money on real copywriters.

They love it!

But it’s coming out of your pocket.

Your business is the one that will pay the cost.

Don’t fall for the trap.

Think about it.

Do you want to read content written by a machine that basically rehashes everything in existence already?

Or do you want to read original, insightful, personalized content from actual humans?

Google is telling you what you already know: quality matters.

Of course AI has important uses—and we use it too—in analytics, brainstorming, chat, even coding and more.

It really is revolutionary.

It really is the future.

But don’t fall into the easy trap.

In the coming age of generic AI content, the original and unique will stand out even more, both in the search results and in your patients’ minds.

Don’t just fit into the future.

Make the effort to rise above the generic masses.

WIN the future.

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