How Many Kids

How many kids do you want?

Starting a business is a lot like having kids.

More isn’t always better.

Some people can handle half a dozen kids before they’re 30.

For some people, one is more than enough for a lifetime.

You have to find the size and the timing that works for you, otherwise you’ll end up stressed out, running around trying to do 10 things at once, only to realize you haven’t showered in a week and smell like dirty diapers.

That’s just with the first kid.

Can you imagine running 5 clinics at the same time?

If you can, great! Have fun, chase your dream!

If not, that’s great, too.

Ignore the big chain across the street or the ads screaming “GROW GROW GROW!” or the woman in your coaching group who’s hiring again.

You can make a great living with a single clinic or even on your own.

You’ll have more time and energy to invest in it.

You can develop closer relationships with your patients and staff.

You can make it home for dinner every night and to sporting events on the weekends.

You won’t always be trying to start all over again, back  in the diaper stage.

I’m so glad we had 2 kids, but I think 3 might have killed me.

Trying to go too far too fast has killed a lot of businesses.

Don’t let someone else force you into it.
Instead, find the strategy that will deliver the YOU want.

It won’t look the same for everyone.

Some might target a broad demographic to get a lot of bodies in the door.

Some might focus on a small group of long-term, high-paying clients.

Some might travel to treat people in their homes.

Some might see them over the internet.

Those all require very different strategies, both in your marketing and your management.

Taking 1 kid out to dinner is a vastly different proposition than taking 8.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach or secret formula that will work for everyone.

Not everyone needs reality-tv-ready octuplets.

It’s not all that glamorous, anyway.

Instead, consider the skills you have and the people you can best serve.

Decide the lifestyle and the business you want to have.

Create a personal strategy that will reach your desired market.

Get your message out and make your dream a reality.

Then don’t feel guilty if you just want to settle down and enjoy it.

Despite what your mother-in-law (or business coach) says, you don’t always need another kid.

Sometimes 2 is just right.

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