Can't Afford

Think you can’t afford a professional PT website as a small business?

Are you a solo PT?

Are you starting a new practice?

Or are you just getting serious about owning your own business?

Money is always tight at first.

You probably already had to buy a new computer, pay a lawyer, get a logo designed (and put it on a few celebratory t-shirts), maybe even rent some space.

Then you get bombarded with online influencers telling you that you’ll never succeed without joining their program for thousands of dollars a month.

You have to spend money to make money, amirite?

Well, sure, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend ALL your money right away.

Instead of risking your life savings to follow someone else’s path, start the business you want with something that will bring you value for years: a professional, custom website made by the PT website experts that will bring you new patients each month.

But maybe you think you can’t afford that, either.

Or maybe your big program is offering you a free site (I would sure hope so, for what they charge, but I’ve seen a lot of those generic, underperforming sites, because people then come to us to fix them).

You CAN afford it.

And you don’t have to settle for less.

While everyone else is raising their prices or packing services you don’t need into giant mega-programs, we’ve recommitted to helping new business owners get exactly what they need at a price they can afford.

Then we offer all the marketing options to expand whenever they need it.

We’ve helped hundreds of new PTs launch their businesses and grow them into successful practices.

We love it! 

Because we’ve been there, starting our own PT practice, and we want to help you do it, too.

Don’t believe me?

We have options that start at under $1000.

Not per month.

$1000 total.

That’s less than you’ll make from just ONE new patient.

Still think you can’t afford an amazing PT website?

Think again.

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