Stressed Out

If you’re stressed out as a business owner…

You’re not alone.

Owning a business means always feeling like you have too many things to do and not enough time or people to do them.

It’s tempting to think that if you only had one more person helping, you’d finally get some relief, but you just can’t afford it right now (maybe next year).

Not true.

You may need more people—another PT, an admin, a manager, etc.

But that won’t solve your problem.

You’ll just find even more things that need your attention next.

We often feel overwhelmed as business owners, whether solo, a single clinic, or multiple locations, not because we have more than we can handle (that’s always true), but because we don’t have a good way to organize and manage it.

It’s not the amount of stuff in your house that makes it seem out of control and stresses you out, it’s all the toys strewn across the floor and the dirty dishes on the counter and the unfolded laundry in a heap.

Then you have to scramble in a mad rush to put everything away before the cleaner comes tomorrow.

Sound like your house? 🙋

When all that stuff is in the right place, on the shelf or the dishwasher or the closet, you feel great (at least you would, if that ever happened)!

We feel overwhelmed in business because we haven’t invested in the systems or processes needed to put our business in order.

We’re still doing it by the seat of our pants, jumping from one problem or task to the next, even after 10 years or more, trying to do just enough to hold everything together!

Slow down.



Just for a moment.

It’s ok, nothing will fall apart.

It’s time to get organized.

It’s time to develop a system.

Use the tools that you have to do the things you know you’ve needed to for years.

That’s what technology is best at.

You can start with your marketing.

Automate those emails and follow ups so you don’t miss any opportunities.

Track your sales and pipelines so you can make better decisions and aren’t losing clients.

Review your website to make sure it’s working to get leads so you can stop begging at gyms and doctors offices so much.

Put time on your calendar to write one blog or social media post a week.

Get your systems in place and you’ll feel a lot less like you are always behind and never able to do the things you know you need to do.

If you focus on putting everything in the right place as it comes in, your house will stay cleaner and never pile up into a major mess you can’t handle.

Your business, too.

And you’ll be a lot less stressed.

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