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Top 5 Tips to get more leads from your website TODAY

This is how I usually feel when PTs ask me to look at their website:

(I’m a people person!)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought the same about your site.

Maybe it looks like (or maybe not), but it’s really just there because you know every business needs one.

It doesn’t actually DO anything for your business.

If that’s you, it’s time to fire that overpaid, useless middle-manager and turn your site into a productive, lead-generating salesperson.

So go to your site, open up the editor, and prepare to get to work.

Here are 5 easy changes you can make on your own TODAY to get more leads:

  1. Write a Targeted Headline:

You have one chance to capture a person’s attention when they come to your site.  Don’t waste it on a generic headline that could apply to anyone or doesn’t say much of anything at all.  

Make your best pitch to your target patients right at the top of the page.  Within 5 seconds of coming to your site, your patients should know exactly who you serve and what you can do for them.

Remember that most people have the attention span of a goldfish.  You have to hook them immediately or they’ll move on.

  1. Use Personal Images:

Your patients want to work with real people, not models. If you want them to feel comfortable coming to your clinic and putting their body in your care, you need to introduce yourself, your staff, and your clinic. It’s much more daunting to visit someone or someplace you’ve never seen before, and people want to know they’ll fit in with you and the other patients.

Some stock photos are fine and necessary, but the more personal pictures you can use, the more welcoming and attractive your practice will be.

  1. Put your Phone Number in the Header:

Don’t forget that over 80% of internet browsing is done on the phone. A clickable phone number that’s always at the top of the screen gives mobile users an easy way to contact you whenever they are ready. Whether they want to book an appointment or just ask a question, always give them a quick way to get in touch.

  1. Present Multiple Options to Contact You:

Not everyone who comes to your site is ready to buy.  In fact, it may only be around 1% of people. Other visitors might be browsing for options, while the majority are likely just beginning to search for answers. Plus, some people are naturally more comfortable sending an email than talking on the phone or vice versa.

If the only buttons or forms you have on the site are to “BOOK NOW!!!” then you’re likely only getting leads from those 1%. To get more leads, give the other groups options as well. Have choices to ask a question, talk to you on the phone, or find out your schedule.

And put the buttons everywhere.  When someone is ready to talk to you, don’t make them go searching for it.  Make it easy to contact you in the way they want to.

  1. Develop a Patient-Focused Message:

Your website is NOT about you. It’s about your patients, the problems they have, the answers they want, and the ways you can help. Everything on the site should reflect this, even your bio. When creating your content, think about it from the patient’s perspective rather than your own. They want to hear what you can do for them, not how awesome you are.

One simple trick to doing this is to look for places on your site where you use the words “I,” “my,” “we,” or “our.” Having a few is inevitable, but if every sentence starts with one of those, you’re probably not putting enough emphasis on your patients.  Try rewriting everything without those words.  It may take some practice, but you’ll find your message will become more focused, impactful, and attractive.

You’ll be amazed how these small things can add up to a lot more leads over time.

If you’re currently converting 1% of your visitors into leads, imagine what getting just 2% would do.

How would DOUBLING your online leads each month affect your business?

Would you fill your schedule? Or quit your staff position? Or hire another PT? Or save up enough for that vacation you’ve been planning?

Not bad for a couple hours of work.

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