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No one buys PT!

My son is becoming a professional artist.

He spends all afternoon drawing pictures.

Then he proudly displays them in a gallery and invites everyone to come look.

“So which one do you want to buy?” he asks.

He’s 7.

The first time we gave him a few quarters for his interpretive dinosaur sketches, so now he’s got delusions of wealth floating through his head.

He’s gotten better, I’ll give him that, but they aren’t exactly masterpieces.

We buy one for a dollar anyway.

After all, we’re not buying the art.

We’re buying his interest in drawing.

We’re buying his time spent away from a screen.

We’re buying his confidence and creativity (and maybe a few subtle marketing lessons).

Your patients are doing the same.

They aren’t buying manual therapy or dry needling or yoga certifications.

So stop trying to sell it to them.

They are buying results.

They are buying freedom from pain.

They are buying quality time with their family.

They are buying comfort at work or strength at the gym.

They are buying someone who will listen and take their frustration seriously.

They are trying to buy a better life, in small ways or large.

Are you selling it to them?

Hang up the results on your website wall and invite people to take their pick.

You can change lives.

That’s what people buy when they buy PT.

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