How to invest in your business like a master

You can make money on the stock market in a lot of different ways, but no one has done it better for longer than Warren Buffett.  We can learn from him.

So how did he do it?

He didn’t try to game the system or trade stocks every day or chase trends or buy whatever was hot at the moment.

He did the opposite.

He found companies that were strong but underappreciated, bought their stock, and let them grow over the long term.

THAT is how you become rich in any business.

Don’t try to keep up with the latest trend or jump on board with what everyone else is doing.

Find a niche that you love and where you can help but is underserved or underappreciated, then market directly to those people and serve them consistently well.

You’ll have an easier time getting started, and you’ll build a dedicated base of customers who love you.

Over time, that gives you the strength and security to grow into a market leader or expand into new niches.  Or just live a good life in a job you love.

It starts with your marketing.

Resist the urge to be either generic or trendy.

Pick a target population that is small enough to have a unique identity but big enough to support you: pregnant women, seniors with balance issues, former athletes, yoga enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers or whomever else.

Then give them a message made just for them, one they aren’t hearing from everyone else in town.

Structure your marketing strategy around this group and your business around serving them well.

If you’ve picked a good market and built a good system, you’ll start to get a lot of patients who love you and keep coming back.

But then something strange will happen:

You’ll start to get a lot of other patients, too, who you never even targeted.

People recognize quality, and your fans will be spreading the word.

You might just end up with a business way bigger than you initially imagined.

I can’t promise you’ll become richer than Warren Buffett, but you’ll be the kind of business he’d want to invest in.

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