Did you buy your PT website from McDonalds?

You’ve probably been to dozens, if not hundreds, of McDonalds (or Starbucks) in your life.

And every time it’s been basically the same.

Whether it’s in New York City or San Francisco or the middle of nowhere on a road trip, you know what you are getting (and what you aren’t).

That consistency is good and necessary for their business.

They can’t make a custom, gourmet burger for a low price in 5 thousand different locations across the country and turn a profit.

In order to scale so large, they have to increase their efficiency by standardizing everything.

People expect it.

And it’s great if you want a quick bite or your morning cup of coffee on the go.

But would you buy your website from them?

Would you turn your business into a Big Mac, decent but indistinguishable?

Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of website agencies have become, and why so many PT websites I see look and sound exactly the same.

They offer you a standardized solution because they have to in order to serve so many businesses around the country.

All those websites are failing to attract many patients because they are full of empty calories, generic slogans and bland messages that don’t do anything.

The big clinics survive anyway because they rely on big budgets or local reputation or institutional referrals.

The small businesses—and those who copied the big clinics because they are “successful”—are left wondering why they aren’t growing.

If you’re not a mega corporation, you can’t afford to be just another generic place in town that’s lost any distinct taste or soul.

You need something that sets you apart.

Instead of trying to be like McDonalds, you need to be that specialized burger joint that may only have one or two locations but is packed with locals every night.

Your website should reflect your unique character and value and story that separates you from everyone else.

Is your website agency offering you that?

Or are they feeding you the same ultra-processed junk food that’s failing everyone?

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