How big should your ad budget be?

7 Million dollars.

That’s how much the average 30-second commercial during Super Bowl LVIII costs.

Coincidentally, it’s also about how much your average Taylor Swift ticket costs on Ticketmaster these days (I paid actual money to take my daughter to watch her music videos in a movie theater—twice!)

That can’t possibly be worth it, right?

I grew up during the golden age of Super Bowl commercials—the Budweiser Frogs, Terry Tate Office Linebacker, those talking E-Trade babies!—and even then it seemed suspect.

But companies keep signing up for higher and higher prices.

They must know something.

Yes.  Advertising works!

Even for PTs and small businesses.

Especially for PTs and small businesses, where your local competition may not be taking advantage of all the digital resources available.

Running Google Ads can drastically increase your lead generation and revenue.

Most business owners know this, but the number 1 question clients ask when considering ads is this:

How big should my budget be?

Not 7 Million dollars, I can tell you that.

You can start a bit smaller.

Just $500 a month can make a huge difference to your business.

Our recent experience suggests that amount will generate between 5-10 new leads per month.

That may not sound like a lot for $500, but how much money would you make from even 5 new patients?




That’s a pretty good ROI.

A lot better than blowing $7 million on 30 seconds of dancing cats.

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